About Me

Hey there!  You've found my About Me page.  Here are a few things you should know about me:

1. I love all things knitting, sewing, and spinning.  I love making things with my hands, and sharing those things with others.  For more information, see my page on Why I Create.

2. I have the strange combination of a creative writing degree and a Masters in Divinity.  This means that sometimes I wax poetic on faith and theology.  

3. Don't be surprised if you come here looking for posts on sewing and end up finding posts about knitting, faith, or just life in general.  

4. Between November 2013 and January 2015, my husband and I had three miscarriages.  Though these have been difficult, I have found peace in sharing my story with others.  If this topic is difficult for you, I apologize.  Please feel free to skip these posts!

More to come…stay tuned!


  1. Love your blog! Could you please ask your friend if I could buy a few of the Andre Courreges sew-on logos? Thanks much, Kristina

    1. Hello Kristina! I believe I still have the sew-on logos. How many do you want? If you want to email me, you can use the contact me form at the bottom of this page.