Restless Stitches for Restless Hearts

Looking for something specially made just for you?  Seeking out that unique gift for a beloved friend?  Below is a list of items I custom make for customers.  If you would like something that is not listed below, just ask!  You can contact me via the Contact Form (below) for pricing.  More information is available on my etsy site.

To see items made for other customers, visit this page.

Clothing: Vintage-inspired skirts, blouses, dresses
Wedding: Veils, gift bags, garters
Bags: Purses, project bags, kids' activity bags
Church: Ministerial stoles
Other: Pillows, curtains

Hemming: $7 for pants, $7-15 for skirts
Creative fixes (holes, rips, lengthen/shorten hems)

Clergy stoles
Bags: Felted purses, project bags, drawstring bags
Baby/toddler: Clothing, dolls, blankets
Accessories: Hats, scarves, shawls

If you are interested in handmade T-shirt quilts or help in finishing an unfinished quilt, I also work with Rae at Rae Sew Creative.  Please visit her for information on all things quilting!

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