Pregnancy Loss Resources

I've begun collecting resources that have helped me to understand pregnancy loss and the grief that comes with it.  If you know of other resources, please share them!  I would be happy to consider adding them to the list.

Recent News Articles on Miscarriage

Time Magazine

Sharing Our Stories (Warning: some stories contain graphic descriptions)

Why I Don't Want My Miscarriage to Stay Secret by Jennifer Chen

Saying it Loudly: I Had a Miscarriage by Jessica Zucker

Faces of Loss website

Faith and Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage by Penina Adelman

Helpful Scriptures

Something to do with Losing Pregnancy by Elizabeth Duffy

Agnostic/Atheist Pregnancy Loss Resources

My Child Is Not in Heaven by Priscilla Blossom

Cultural Experiences of Pregnancy Loss

The Myth Surrounding Black Women and Miscarriage

Resources for Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss Support, a web resource for women who have lost babies, specifically dealing with pregnancy after loss.

Mommy Interrupted, a Facebook page where resources on pregnancy loss and grief are shared.

Healing After Pregnancy Loss, a group on Ravelry for community members to share their experiences of loss and recovery.

Grief After Loss

When Grief Bleeds by Franchesca

Bearing Witness by Jo McElroy Senecal

Multiple Losses

When Lightning Strikes Again by Dr. Julie Bindeman

How Much Can I Take? by Bec Armistead

Stories of Adoption

A Baby in Morocco by Jackie Spinner

Restless Weaver Posts on Pregnancy Loss

Not Ready

Grief, Loss, and Finding Dry Land

The Hardest Prayer to Pray

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness 

The Language of Miscarriage

A Letter to Baby


  1. Thank you for sharing these. Between 09/2014 and 01/015 I've had two miscarriages. Thank you for sharing your story; for talking about miscarriage.

    1. It's a difficult thing to experience, to live with, and to talk about. I hope you're getting the love and support you need.

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