November 13, 2012

To Create

The act of creation is an important piece of the human existence. As humans, we were created by God.  Not only that, but we were created by a God who is a Creator.  The very first thing God does in the Bible is to create the world, and all the things on the world - night and day, earth and water, plants and animals and humans. Creation is an intragral part of God's very being.

If we as humans were made in God's image, then we are made to create.  We were made to create with our hands, and to step back and see that our work is good.  The world around us shows that we have created since our own creation. We cannot stop creating.

Creation has become such an integral aspect of our existence that we no longer think about it.  We teach children how to fold paper into cranes, but do not teach them how this creating is mimicking the creating of God. We watch TV shows about cooking and sewing and even about "How It's Made" but we do not make the connection between our love of creating and God's.

I describe myself as a writer, a knitter, a seamstress.  But each of these things fit into one category: creator. I am starting this blog out of a desire to not only create and show my creations, but also to discuss these creations and their connection to God and spirituality.  I hope you will join me in this exploration.  

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