March 6, 2014

40 Things We Should Be Talking About

  1. Mental health I.
    1. depression
    2. anxiety
  2. Mental health II
    1. in academia (Rachel Neer) - There is a culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academia
  3. Mental health III
    1. Why mental illness isn't considered the same way as other long-term illnesses, such as cancer (Hannah Daniels)
  4. Miscarriages/child loss,
  5. Money
    1. Budgeting 
    2. Tithing
    3. Saving
    4. Credit card debt
  6. Our bodies and health
    1. Why and how the human body changes after puberty (the rest of the life cycle)
  7. Modern racism
  8. self abuse
  9. Sad decline of cursive, despite enhancing fine motor skills (HD)
  10. Lack of handwritten letters (HD)
  11. Decline of empathy (HD)
  13. Disabilities physical and mental
  14. End of life care
  15. When to let go (line between preservation of life and preservation of body)
  16. Non-abuse alcohol and drugs
  17. Medication
  18. Jesus as a pacafist
  19. Modern sexism
  20. All means all…no seriously.
  21. Creating our online personality/façade
  22. "How are you?" "I'm fine..."

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