September 21, 2014

A new green dress

I love shopping for clothes.  There's something thrilling about going and trying on new things, seeing what fits well and what really doesn't.  I love looking at new designs and seeing how I might make them.  It isn't always about buying the things I try on…but there is something very satisfying about finding an outfit I love and making it mine.

Unfortunately, my wallet isn't bottomless.  Unfortunately, some days when I go to try on clothes, nothing fits and I leave feeling dejected.  I leave feeling like there is something wrong with me and my body, even though it is the clothes I tried on that were wrong!

On days like those, there is really nothing better than coming home and finding the perfect fabric, the perfect pattern, and going to work making something that I know I will love, that I know will fit, that I know is in my budget.

That's how I feel about this dress.  I could never have found something like this in a store that fit my body and my personality so well!  But when I combined this amazing green and white chevron cotton with my favorite Simplicity pattern (which I've now made three times….), I found a perfect dress for me.

I've made a few changes to the original Simplicity 1609 pattern.  The pattern has the front in two pieces, instead of one piece cut on the fold.  I didn't see any reason to not cut it on the fold, so that's what I've done for this dress and the last dress I made from this pattern.  I also changed the neckline from a crew neck to a boat neck-type look.  I also made the back a v neck.  While rummaging through my stash for a proper zipper, I only came up with a 4-inch zipper, and so I had to add buttons to the top, with a lapped zipper and a hidden snap below.  I think it turned out decently.  

Overall, I am incredibly happy with this dress.  I like it both with and without the belt, and think I'll be able to wear it a lot of places.  I wore it on Friday for my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner, and plan on wearing it on a regular day as well.  
Sometimes it's great to go shopping and find ready-made things that fit perfectly.  But most of the time, I find my favorite outfits are ones I made with my own hands.  

Happy sewing!

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